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At HYP FACTORY, we don't just create stickers; we cultivate a culture of individuality and creativity. Our story is one of passion and innovation, with roots in a simple yet impactful vision: every sticker we produce is a piece of art that represents a unique personality and style.

Our Story We ignited in 2016 amidst the bustling urban backdrop of Portland, Oregon. Our city, known for its eclectic and expressive community, was the perfect incubator for our vision. We started as a modest operation driven by a shared passion for art and expression, quickly evolving into a beloved source for those seeking to personalize their space with our stickers.

Our Mission is simple but ambitious: to inspire and enable self-expression through our array of high-quality, thoughtfully designed stickers. We're here to fuel the fire of creativity, providing our community with products that not only accentuate their individuality but also create a statement that sticks.


Artistic Diversity: Our stickers are more than just designs; they're a fusion of art and identity. Created in-house, every design is a testament to the creativity and spirit of our artists. A Spectrum of Expression: We offer a vast collection of designs, ensuring that no matter what your style or interest, you'll find a sticker that resonates with you. Simple to Share: We believe that self-expression should be easy and accessible. Our stickers come ready to apply, perfect for personalizing laptops, water bottles, or any surface in need of a dash of character. Community-Focused: At the heart of HYP FACTORY is our community. We're committed to supporting your expression every step of the way. Need tips or have ideas? Reach out to us – we're here to help and listen.

Join Our Collective Whether you're an artist at heart or someone who appreciates the little details that make life vibrant, HYP FACTORY invites you to join our collective. Dive into our gallery, explore our creations, and let each sticker you choose add a chapter to your story.

Thank you for embracing HYP FACTORY. Together, let's make every surface a canvas for expression.

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